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Recently I went to Kyoto. The temple's name is Komyoji. Komyoji is famous by maple's street. Unfortunately, when I went there, It was most colors of the maple were green. Sometimes, there were red maple. Maybe, it will overflow with maples there in December. But it was beautiful. Actually, I went there in the first time. I wanna visit there again.

↑Sorry, it no English.

この間、京都に行ってきたよ♪ このお寺の名前は光明寺。光明寺はもみじの参道が有名で、秋にたくさんのお客さんが来るらしいです。残念ながら、私が行った時はまだまだ緑が多かったけれど、美しかったです。たぶん12月になったら見頃になるでしょう。光明寺は駐車場があるけど、秋の時だけ、駐車出来ないらしいです。

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